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About EMF Clothing and Shielding

EMF Clothing Ltd provides the best EMF Protective Clothing available in the world today. By using EMF protective fabric that is tested and certified to IEEE299, ASTM and ISO standards you can be sure that you and your family can be protected by the best EMF shielding clothing technology available. Our EMF Protection products are respected throughout the entire health and wellness arena as the very best emf shielding products for reducing the harmful effects of EMF radiation in our lives today.

EMF Clothing Ltd is the original EMF protective Clothing since 2008. Our 5G Protection clothing range was implemented even before the 5g technology itself became mainstream.

All our products are backed by independent scientific testing to international standards in Europe's leading approved laboratories.

Our unique S1 EMF blocking clothing technology shields more than 99.99% of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), which includes the entire 4G and 5G wireless networks.

Simply the world's most reliable EMF protective clothing. Stay Protected with the best EMF protection. EMF blocking clothing certified to ISO, ASTM and IEEE standards.

EMF Clothing Ltd - leading the world in personal EMF Protection.