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Washing Powder for EMF Protective Fabrics Leblok Zoom

Washing Powder for EMF Protective Fabrics Leblok



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Leblok Washing Powder for Silver Fabrics (1 kg)

Special washing detergent for the care of EMF shielding fabrics. Perfect cleanliness and hygiene. The only authorized washing detergent we recommend for shielding fabrics.

Washing Powder for EMF Protective Fabrics Leblok

Washing Instructions: This 1 kg pack, provides enough capacity for 20 washing cycles. The same dosage can be used regardless of water hardness. Use 50 g for each wash (can be placed either in the drawer or straight into the drum). Select the 'Delicate' program with washing at 30°C. Also, note any instructions on the washing label of the fabric with respect to ironing and drying. Use essential oil instead of fabric conditioner for fragrance. 

For those suffering from allergies: This washing powder not only protects our shielding fabrics; it contains no fragrances, chemical or coloring agents, preservatives, petrochemicals, enzymes, or GMO's. All ingredients are 100 % bio-degradable and ecological.

Ingredients: Citrate 15-30%, Soap from vegetable oils 15-30%, Zeolite 15–30 %, Sugar surfactants 5–15 %, Sodium carbonate 5–15 %, Silicates 1–5 %, Sodium bicarbonate 1–5 %, Organic Quillaja <1 %, Powder humidity 10–15 %. EC 648/2004: Zeolite, sodium soap, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, coco glucoside, sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, Quillaja saponaria.


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