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5G Shielding Paint EMF-Turtal 3L - Powder (Outdoor)


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High and low-frequency shielding powder paint for outdoor use, for 3L

HF / LF, 5G, LTE - Shielding.

Solvent-free, quick-drying, breathable, and low emission.

With graphene technology, on the basis of pure acrylate.

Outdoor area / floor (under parquet or laminate).

Shielding effectiveness see certificates.

5G Shielding Paint PLV - One mixed bag PLV 3 (powder) gives 3 liters of ready-to-use shielding paint for 12.5m² (one layer) when 2 liters of water is added

Our carbon-based 5G shielding paint PLV has many advantages, high-frequency radio exposure of mobile phones, mobile internet, 5G, WLAN, DECT, GSM, LTE, etc. are shielded highly efficiently and reliably.

The electrical fields of the domestic low-frequency current (alternating current) are grounded and can be almost completely shielded or discharged.

This 5G shielding paint PLV 3 (outdoor) is based on pure acrylic, graphite, and graphene technology. We offer the shielding paint in powder form so that it is largely frost-resistant and can be stored for several years without losing its properties. An easy to apply, high-yield shielding paint. It only needs to be mixed with 2 liters of water for 10 minutes with a stirrer and a drill (cordless screwdriver) according to the instructions. The yield of the paint on smooth and primed surfaces/facades is 5.0m² per liter (for one painted layer) and 2.5m² per liter (for two painted layers). Particularly time-saving due to the short drying time and after a few hours (through-drying) it can be painted over with the most commercially available facade paints without any problems (see enclosed application instructions).

Shielding effectiveness / 500 MHz to 40 GHz

The shielding effectiveness was measured by an independent expert opinion.
The shielding attenuation values (1-layer, 2-layer) measured by an independent expert can be found in the linked expert opinion.
We recommend (depending on the radiation exposure on-site) to always protect yourself with at least two coats of paint.

This is a low-odor, low-emission shielding paint that does not contain any chemical solvents.

All shielding attenuation values given apply to frequencies from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and were measured in an expert opinion by Professor Pauli in Munich.
(Measurement location: at the measurement stand of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich).

Strong shielding performance at 5G

Thanks to many years of intensive research work and innovative product development, our 5G shielding paint PLV 3 (powder) has shielding effectiveness in a very wide frequency range (from low-frequency to high-frequency radiation).
The strength of our shielding paint lies mainly in the shielding of the - in future often used - very high frequencies as with 5G. Since the product launch in 2019, this includes the two 5G frequency spectra FR1 (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and FR2 (24GHz to 40 GHz).

Shielding performance up to 40 GHz

We have an independently prepared, external expert opinion from a longtime renowned expert for high-frequency radar and microwave technology (Prof. Pauli, former University of the German Federal Armed Forces). From this independent expert opinion, you can see the shielding values from 500 MHz up to 40 GHz.

Technical data:

Fire behavior: This product is flame-retardant. Further details can be found in the enclosed safety data sheet.
Application: Outdoor use, floors indoors
Contents: One pack of PLV 3 (powder) with the addition of 2 liters of water gives 3 liters of shielding paint ready to spread (for self-mixing).
Packaging volume: Per 3 liter unit
Dimensions per stand-up pouch: 34.0 cm (height) x 25.0 (width) x 10.0 cm (thickness)
filling weight: 1.150 g

Substrate: Excellent adhesion on almost all substrates such as facades with old paint, plasterboard, plaster, concrete, polystyrene, wood (unpainted), etc. Further details can be found in the processing datasheet. absorbent substrates should always be primed! With uneven, structured surfaces, a higher paint consumption must be expected.
Over paintable: Must be painted over with facade paint for exterior use in any case! Direct exposure to the weather on the shielding paint will have a long-term negative effect on the shielding performance! Outdoor use only in dry weather conditions and at temperatures above 10°C The purpose of our shielding paint is to provide a shielding layer under the facade paint. Do not use clay-based paints for overpainting. For natural or biological silicate emulsion paints, for lime and casein paints, we recommend that you always carry out a test before application, as not all paints adhere to graphites/graphene in the same way! Furthermore, we recommend not to use pure mineral paints (clay, pure silicate).

Connection: Must be grounded by a qualified electrician! We recommend the use of a grounding kit and a grounding plug for indoor use, which you can find in our shop under grounding accessories. Under no circumstances must the grounding be done via the lightning conductor.

Important notes: The electrical installation (fuse boxes) must consist of at least two earth fault safety switches (RCDs) (often generally 300 mA and one for the bathroom and 30 mA water rooms). In order to absorb extremely low-frequency electrical fields, the earth resistance should ideally be below 10 Ohm. Ask a qualified electrician for more information. Please note that the earth has no influence on the elimination of high frequencies, only on safety and extremely low-frequency electrical fields.

Colour: anthracite-black

Field type: LF (extremely low-frequency alternating electric fields), HF (high-frequency electromagnetic fields)
Ingredients: pure acrylic binder, graphite, graphene
VOC content: 0.2 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a has been 30 g/l since 2010)
Adhesive tensile strength: 2.2 N/mm² with the addition of 2 liters of water for PLV 3 (powder).

After mixing the powder with water, we recommend applying the paint within approx. 6 weeks.
Shelf life: in powder form, several years
This powder for shielding paint is largely frost-resistant for the transport of packages in winter.
Important: Always mix a complete bag of PLV 3 (never use only a part of the packaging), as heavier particles will settle down during transport.
Always stir again before each use, also stir again for 5 minutes before applying the second layer (for an even shielding result), as particles can settle down in the bucket during the drying time of the first layer! Please pay attention to the safety & processing instructions enclosed with the product!

Specific product recommendations can be found in our datasheets. (see download)

Advantages: Highly efficient, reliable shielding for 5G protection (outdoor)

A big advantage is that the paint is sold in powder form. Therefore it can be stored without any problems and does not have to be used within 6 to 12 months.
This means a considerable reduction in weight when shipping the goods.


Download the Shielding Report

Download Safety Data Sheet & Processing Instructions

Download Material Safety Data Sheet


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