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Mylar Film (Space Blankets) for Emergency EMF Shielding

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EMF Shielding Metallised Mylar Film

These mylar blankets shield against Wi-Fi, mobile phones, masts, DECT, RADAR and other sources of EMR. 
Also shields ultraviolet (UV).

Nano particle free and non toxic.

Non aluminium.

The blankets are sold in packs of 3, 10 or 50.

Size = 204cm x 140cm

The blankets are small and light so that you can carry them with you when you are travelling, to use if you find yourself in an emergency situation of unexpected exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 

The blankets can be used for temporaly blocking (hotel windows / wifi hubs etc) or for temporary shelters when caught out with no other solution. 

The blankets provide emergency protection from EMR in all weather conditions and are very durable. They are waterproof and weatherproof.

Please note the following precautions for use of the space blankets:

* Dont completely cover your head with the blanket as this could cause suffocation

* Dont use in the case of a storm as it may attract lightening strikes

* Dont use if you are using an electrosurgery device

* Dont puncture or notch

* Store in a dry place away from light

We do not recommend using the blankets as a medium or long term shielding solution for buildings as they can create secondary frequencies in the room as well as humidity and mould on the wall behind the blanket. 

For medium or long term shielding solutions please consider EMF shielding paint, wallpaper, mesh or fabric.


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