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EMF Shielding Curtains - Veil

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Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Curtains from Veil Fabric

Shield EMR from mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi, and DECT with our stunning net curtains from Veil. We recommend this material for durability, superior aesthetic appearance, and high shielding.

To order please contact us with the finished dimensions of the curtains you required, call: +44 (0) 182 329 9390 or email to: sales@emfclothing.com

Due to the fabric construction with silver-copper threads in the warp and weft, the material is washable, without losing its special characteristics.
These special and expensive threads keep their function after many washes, even alkaline detergents in the pH range 7-10 do not destroy the thread or fabric construction. The shielding properties of this very open fabric construction are unusually high and direction independent.

The shielding attenuation is regularly tested by at EMF Laboratory of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich to the following standards:
MIL-Standard 285, IEEE -STD 299-1997, VGStandard 95 370-15, KS03.

Technical Data: 
Composition: Polyester 90% / Silver/Copper 10%

Weight: 60g/qm

Screening attenuation: 45 – 25 dB in the frequency range of 400 MHz to 5 GHz

Width: 2.9 m

Colour: White or Ecru

EMF Shielding Graphs:

Voile Fabric EMF Shielding Graph

Voile Fabric EMR Shielding Graph

Care Instructions: The material should be washed at 30°C on a delicate cycle.  The fabric should not be spun or dried by machine as this could damage the textile. Use only Leblok washing powder. (Other detergents MAY have a severe effect on shielding level)

Available finished, or in raw material for ‘Make your own’.

For finished curtains please Tel: +44 (0) 182 329 9390 or email to: sales@emfclothing.com for a quotation or more information.


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