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HF Meter HF38B - Gigahertz Solutions Zoom

HF Meter HF38B - Gigahertz Solutions



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EMF Analyzer 700 MHz - 2.7 GHz (3.3 GHz with increased tolerance)

The link between amateur and professional instruments.

This gadget has gained significant favor among medical professionals and holistic healers alike. It boasts a comprehensive set of features from the expert series, ensuring precise and efficient measurements without the need for extensive technical expertise.

With its heightened sensitivity surpassing that of the HF35C model, it becomes an ideal choice for individuals sensitive to electromagnetic fields, such as those suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS). This unique capability empowers users to pinpoint remedial actions and closely track their effectiveness with precision.


Incorporates all the capabilities of the HF35C while also encompassing crucial functionalities found in professional-grade meters.:

  • Optimized LogPer antenna with higher accuracy, especially at the critical lower and upper end of the frequency range. Includes all mobile services (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G, all "Sub-3-GHz" bands of 5G, including the 700 MHz band which is particularly important for the area), as well as DECT, the lower WLAN/WiFi and radar band, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Factor 10 higher sensitivity: display resolution 0.01 µW/m². An important factor especially for EHS patients (electrohypersensitives).
  • Factor 10 extended measuring range upwards: max. 19.99 mW/m².
  • Significantly simplified measurement due to the "Peak Hold" function.


Technical data:

Frequency Range:

800 MHz - 2.5 GHz (3.3 GHz with increased tolerance)

Measurement Range:

Power flux density: 0.01 - 19,990 µW/m²


Basic accuracy including linearity tolerance : +/- 6dB
Zero offset and rollover +/- 9 digits


Optimised logarithmic periodic antenna: Less ripple, better directionality, improved shielding vs. ground

Audio Analysis:

Identification of pulsed radiation sources (mobile radio (GSM, UMTS/G3), cordless telephones (DECT), WLAN (Bluetooth), air-traffic control radar) by means of an acoustic signal proportional to the modulation frequency

Electric power supply:

9 Volt alkaline manganese battery (included), average operation time 6 - 7 hours
Low-Batt. indication, auto-power-off

Signal Rating:

Display of peak value, peak hold as well as average value (switchable)

Further Questions:

2 years warranty & long-time ex gratia agreement


0,58 kg


Scope of delivery:

  • Measurement device
  • Attachable log.-per. antenna incl. cable
    Alkaline Mangan battery
  • Detailed instructions manual with factual background information


Note: For UK Customers:
Please be aware that we do not charge VAT on this order. VAT at 20% and duty will be collected by UK Customs. By purchasing this item you agree to accept customs charges. Should you decline to accept delivery when invoiced for these charges then you will be charged a 10% returns fee.


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