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European Shielded Multiple Socket Zoom

European Shielded Multiple Socket



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4-fold European EMF Shielded Multiple Socket Outlet SLS4040

Minimises the electromagnetic radiation caused by the mains current. Ideal for computer workstations.

Industrial quality

  • Shielded casing.
  • Flexible PVC hose line, shielded and twisted (length approx. 2.2 m, 3 x 1.5 mm²).
  • With HF-interference suppression filter for the attenuation of supply voltage peaks ("dirty power").
  • Falls below the limit values set by the TCO guidelines.
  • Includes child safety lock and double-pole switch. Capacity: 250 VAC / max. 16A / 3500 W.
  • Solid aluminium profile with 4 Schuko socket elements (45°). Take-up options at both ends.

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