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HF+LF Spectrum Analyser / Datalogger FA845 Zoom

HF+LF Spectrum Analyser / Datalogger FA845



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Envionic HF and LF Spectrum Analyser with Datalogger

This new device has all the functions of the FA735, but also has a new feature, a spectrum analyzer. The spectrum analyzer can be tuned to any frequency from 10 MHz up to 3.7 GHz. The sensitivity is much, much better than the wideband sensitivity of the FA735 (But the new device still has the wideband RF mode that the FA735 has).

The spectrum analyzer is slower than the wideband, however, because it has to scan the frequency range, and in one second it can for instance measure 100 different frequencies (while the wideband mode measures all frequencies at the same time).

The frequency range and bandwidth can be selected, and pre-set settings are available for the frequency bands of interest. You can also program your own settings. The results of the scans are logged on the memory card.

The FA845 looks the same as the FA735.

The delivery includes an instrument case, LogPer antenna (for 700 to 6000 MHz), memory card and a card reader.  

High frequency:

Frequency range: 300-6000 MHz
Measurement range: 0.1-40000 µW/m²
Number of measurement ranges: 3
Auto range switch: Yes
Display units: µW/m², mV/m, dBm
Frequency measurement: Yes
Functions: peak, peak-hold, pulse-shape
Speaker: signal sound
Output: signal-AC
Logper antenna: Yes

Spectrum analyzer:

Frequency range: 10-3700 MHz
Measurement range: 0.0001-2000 µW/m²
Low-frequency electric field:
Frequency range: 15-300 Hz
Measurement range: 0.5-199 V/m
Accuracy: 10 %
Acoustic function: Yes

Low-frequency magnetic field:

Frequency range: 40-7000 Hz
Measurement range: 10-3990 nT
Accuracy: 10 %
Acoustic function: Yes


Datalogger: Yes
Display: graphic, adjustable backlight
Power supply: 2 AA battery (non-rechargeable Alkaline), Accu pack (Option), Charger (Option, if you need a charger click here)
Manual languages: English


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