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Computer Grounding Kit (1200mm x 600mm)


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Computer Grounding Kit (1200mm x 600mm)

Feel the difference. Reduce body and environment voltage dramatically by using the EMF Clothing Computer Grounding Kit.

This neat, easy to use, Grounding Kit comprises a 1200 x 600m x 2mm thick anti-static mat with a ‘snap on’ stud in each corner on which the screen, mouse, and keyboard sit. This is connected to the grounding plug via a 3 meter long ‘snap on’ earth lead. The Grounding plug contains a 1 mega ohm resistor which prevents any feedback from the electricity supply. A ‘clip on’ plastic-coated crocodile clip and an additional ‘snap on’ lead are included for earthing the computer processor. The kit is simple and easy to install in just a few minutes and requires no expertise. Full instructions are included. 

Size: 1200mm x 600mm

Safety Notice   

Only connect your grounding equipment using the supplied cord and plug, this has in-built safety protection

If you are in any doubt whether your electrical system is faulty please contact an electrician before using this equipment. For your safety, locate the connecting cord in such a way that it does not cause a trip hazard.

Be aware that any EM radiation coming into your environment may affect earthing. Please contact us if you have concerns about this. Returns of this kit will NOT be accepted if environmental factors prevent earthing.


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