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  1. When exposed to EMF, Mould species can release increased mycotoxins/biotoxins, making it a lot more harmful!

  2. Wi-Fi and mobile exposure can alter the antibacterial susceptibility of microorganisms in your body!

  3. 2012; Israeli Parliament backed a bill requiring a health warning on all mobile phones!

  4. French government studies show that holding mobile devices close to the body can exceed radiation limits ninefold!

  5. According to Samsung, by integrating RU-DU technologies with 1,024 antenna elements for mmWave spectrum into one compact box, the new AU can be more easily installed on streetlight poles and building walls, providing operators a faster, simplified way to build out 5G networks!

  6. 5G can emanate up to 300 GHz!

  7. 6G TECH!! Japan readies $2bn to support industry research on 6G tech and has reserved ¥50 billion for 6G development!

  8. Mobile device companies, including Apple et al., now issue safety warnings in the small print about RF exposure!

  9. Apple warns customers never to use or carry an iPhone in your pocket, or you may be exposed to radiation that exceeds the federal safety limit!

  10. Blackberry warned we are to keep devices 0.98 inches from the abdomen of teenagers and pregnant women!

  11. Wi-Fi and microwave ovens use a very similar frequency!

  12. Mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi monitors, and baby monitors all use the microwave range of frequencies!

  13. EMF radiation could affect cell production in young developing brains!

  14. There is greater exposure absorption into the head of a younger child and infant!

  15. Leblok clothing and headwear have a wall of protection built into all their garments, blocking EMF radiation!