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5G is billed as 'enriching people's lives', but we at LEBLOK understand the increased radiation exposure that results from the 5G rollout.  Scientists and other health-conscious bodies worldwide have raised even more concerns about the risk to our health and safety, from the new generation of Electromagnetic radiation emanating from 5G Antenna and other RF emitting devices. This is of particular concern regarding pregnant women, children, and infants.

There has been an alarming increase in the number of people suffering from Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (EFIS), also known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES). Sufferers experience the devastating effects EMF has on their health, often reducing their quality of life.

EMF Shielding is not a cure for any disease, but it sure does relieve, and in many cases, eradicate symptoms associated with EMF Radiation exposure. Such as, but not limited to Headaches, anxiety, impaired cognitive ability, speech problems, nerve pain, memory loss, vertigo, painful joints, nerve pain, rashes, dry skin, brain fog, numbness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, immune system dysfunction, dizziness, depression, tinnitus, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, and insomnia.

When those suffering from EIS or ES take serious protection precautions against EMF Radiation, for most, their symptoms, quality of life, and peace of mind have proven to improve dramatically.

The U.K. currently has around 35,000 masts and base stations emanating Electromagnetic Radiation, and that figure is estimated to rise to 400,000 to accommodate 5G!

More people than ever before are EMFradiation aware. They are searching for ways to protect themselves, their families, homes, and workplaces from the devastating effects EMF Radiation has on our health. Scientists and Medical Professionals worldwide are increasingly concerned about the 5G EMF exposure risks and have stepped up their research with urgency.

Why trust LEBLOK?

LEBLOK's founder and CEO, Geoff Simmonds, an EIS sufferer, has a stellar background in protecting the public and private sector from EMF Radiation for decades. Geoff has 40 years of manufacturing and technology experience, including 20 years as an EMF specialist. He works closely with scientists and doctors to develop and produce the very best EMF protective clothing and other goods - proven to block EMF radiation, including 5G, by using cutting-edge technology. The company proudly manufactures in the U.K. and boasts an extensive range.

LEBLOK uses the highest quality materials, including silver (nature's EMF blocker), and all the company's goods are tested in independent laboratories. LEBLOK EMF Protection is trusted by tens of thousands of customers, including many high-profile public figures, and is exported to over 40 countries worldwide.