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Help with Wi-Fi and Cell Phone masts


Author: Geoff Simmonds. EMF Clothing Ltd. November 2016.


As specialists in EMR solutions, the most frequent type of enquiry we receive is from people who have just discovered that their immediate environment has a source of electromagnetic pollution, be it Wi-Fi, mobile phone mast, or the neighbour’s DECT phone or Smart-meter.

Many have just become aware of the potential health risks associated with EMR and are acting preventatively or based on concerns for themselves and their family. However, increasingly the vast majority are those who are already suffering some kind of symptoms as a result of the EMR exposure. For many of these their situation is serious and potentially personally catastrophic.

For those who are encountering the problem of environmental EMR for the first time, the situation can at first seem daunting and all-consuming. Suddenly life has changed beyond all recognition from a 'normal' existence' to a 'survival' situation often in the space of just a few days, or even hours. Panic is often the immediate response with the options for help, support and understanding somewhat limited. Often family members, friends and neighbours can react in an unpredictable way, even becoming hostile through a complete lack of understanding and societal conditioning. Simply typing the problem in to an internet search engine is the usual form of research these days.

Understanding the nature of the problem can be difficult, and with little or no knowledge, or even diverted by misinformation from those who are ignorant of the health issues, the path ahead can seem almost impossible. Comments such as 'there is more radiation from the sun', or 'it's only the same as the frequencies from your radio', are all too familiar and serve only to trivialise and undermine what is potentially a serious situation.

On discovering the source of the EMR the next question is invariably: What next? Install some shielding, talk to the neighbours, find another house, buy some kind of device that the makers claim 'harmonises' your environment or write to the local council or government?

When our customers look back in hindsight, what appears to have been the logical correct first step almost always turns out to have been a mistake.  The choices facing those with first-time EMR problems are bewildering and often thousands of pounds are wasted in desperation only to find out after the money has run out that they cannot afford the solution that they really should have taken in the beginning.

After many years of advising customers of how to respond to the newly-found EMR situation we advise people follow four very simple manageable steps. (We will go in to more depth on each of these topics in future articles).


1. Assess the situation

Determine the real situation. Identify the sources. Make sure you understand exactly what you are faced with and how to deal with it. Contact the experts such as EMF product suppliers and EMF surveyors. Check out EMF support groups, or get advice on a social-networking group. Above all do your own research.


2. Plan

Once you have established the extent of the problem determine your options. These can include: Stay and shield - either temporarily or permanently; stay with friends; or move temporarily while you work out a long-term solution.

Above all make sure you have a well thought-out plan and have some back-up options in place in case it doesn't work out.

Check that you are not going to move out of the frying pan into the oven. Many people don't check-out that the environment they intend to move in to and then end up in a worse situation than the one they have left behind. Just because a friend says it's great here in the countryside doesn't mean there isn't a mast or sub-station lurking in the trees. A leafy campsite by the tranquil river often hides the latest Wi-Fi installation.


3. Act

Once you have determined your plan and time-table make sure you act on it, DO NOT DELAY. Many of our customers have ended up in a worse-situation by lingering in their polluted environment through habit and familiarity when they should have acted and moved to a better environment. That said; double-check that your new environment is really going to be right for you. Once you are sure then move swiftly and with the minimum disruption to your life.


4. Review (Constantly)

Once you have executed your plan and moved to your home or environment, keep abreast of new local and regional developments and new technologies. Be constantly vigilant, but not paranoid.

Ask yourself: Have the council decided to put in new street-lighting? Are Smart-meters due to be rolled out in your area? If you see a utilities van digging up the road, stop and ask what they are doing. Make it your business to find out all the plans being made around you. Always read between the lines. Question terms like ’Upgrade’, ’Improvement, ’Development’. When the utility company calls to say, ’we are coming to upgrade your meter’; the alarm bells should ring.

Find out the legal situation. Often company rules have nothing to do with the law, even though companies will tell you they do. People responsible for marketing and roll-outs, etc are very often ’compartmentalised’ within the organisation and don’t have the first understanding of what is really behind any initiative. 

Many of our customers who have had to move are always on their guard and ready to act the next time, before things happen, rather than retrospectively once the new threat is already installed.

Like it or not the technology is ever pervading we cannot pretend it doesn't exist. But by learning from experiences, improving our knowledge and raising awareness at every opportunity we can make a difference to our own environment and help those around us to do the same.