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EMF 3D Detection Kit "Profi" 70-3D Zoom

EMF 3D Detection Kit "Profi" 70-3D



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Gigahertz Solutions Electrosmog 3D Measuring Kit "Profi" MK70-3D

Kit components:

1. 3D-LF-Analyser with Data Logger NFA1000
2. High Frequency Detector HF59B
3. Attenuator with DC-Bypass DG20_G10
4. Ultra broadband antenna for RF-Analysers UBB27_G3
5. RF-preamplifier HV10_27G3
6. High-pass filter HP800_G3
7. Plastic Transport Case K2
8. Cable 2.5 mm for connecting HF Analysers to the NFA Series

This set consists of our two top models, the NFA1000 and the HFE59B. The quasiisotropic antenna of the HF-device has special advantages for the building biology immission measurements, the identification of so-called hot spots, and additionally extends the analysed frequency range down to 27 MHz. It therefore also includes the TV- and radio-frequencies, as well as the TETRA standards which are to be introduced all over Europe. The NFA1000 with its 3D sensors for E & M, FFT analysis, and data logger is definitely a convincing instrument.


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