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5G Shielding Paint EMF-Turtal 5L - Powder (Indoor) Zoom

5G Shielding Paint EMF-Turtal 5L - Powder (Indoor)


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Professional EMF Shielding Paint - in Powder for 5 Liters (Indoor Use)

5G shielding paint - shields up to 60dB at 40GHz

100% natural ingredients, free of chemical solvents

Smudge-proof, can be painted over and is high-yielding

The advantage of EMF-TURTAL in a powder is among other things the unlimited storage life prior to mixing, the use and properties of graphene. Since this product has to be mixed with water by the end consumer to be ready for consumption, the storage life is ulimted. As Turtal uses the latest graphene technology, the shielding properties of EMF-TURTAL are at the highest level. We deliberately avoid chemical ingredients such as antifreeze and solvents.

A further advantage is that EMFTURTAL PLV is not temperature-sensitive and therefore does not have to be protected from frost - and can also be shipped in winter without any problems. A further advantage is the low volume and weight of the packaging unit, which keeps shipping costs low.

EMF-TURTAL PLV is simply mixed with 2,5L-3,0L water (with stirring paddle and drill for 15 minutes)

Always use a complete bag, as layers can be formed during transport during thus the ingredients separate.

EMF-Turtal provides a yield of 20-25 sqm. Depending on the surface can yield up to 35 sqm. Two layers should be applied for optimal shielding. Based on acrylic & graphene technology, this is solvent-free, low-odour, low-emission and very quick drying. In many cases less than two hours but not more than six hours. This enables a complete two-coat project to be completed in one day.

Our shielding paints based on carbon materials and a new graphene technology provide many advantages: Radio interference from mobile phones, mobile Internet, G5, WLAN, DECT, GSM, LTE - and many more - is shielded up to 50 dB, which corresponds to an effectiveness of 99.997%. Electric fields from house electricity (alternating current) grounded can be fully shielded. EMF-TURTAL must be grounded!

The shielding level is regularly independently tested in an independent laboratory by professor Dipl.Ing. Pauli at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich due to the standards ASTM D - 4935-10 and IEEE 299-06.

Download the Shielding Report

Range of application (yield): inside (5-7.5 m²/ litre), outside (4 m²/ litre).

Fire risks: This product is naturally flame-retardant.

Application: Ceiling, wall Interior, floor

Field type: LF (low-frequency alternating electric fields), HF (high-frequency electromagnetic fields)

Overpaintable preferably with emulsion paints, silicate emulsion paints, facade paints or silicone resin paints. We do not recommend purely mineral paints (clay, lime, chalk, pure silicate).

Ingredients: Acryllic Binders, graphite, carbon, graphene, natural additives

Colour: Graphite Anthracite/Dark Grey


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