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Leblok EMF Shielding Paint Zoom

Leblok EMF Shielding Paint



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Leblok® Electro-Magnetic Shielding Paint for Shielding of High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) Radiation.


Almost all interior and exterior surfaces. Minimum application temperature: 5° C/41° F.

Instructions for use

Use brush, paint roller or airless nossle. Allow to dry completely (12-24 hours) before applying a second coat. Wipe off any stains immediately with a damp cloth. Do not inhale spray mist. Ensure all work areas are well ventilated during use and whilst drying. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst painting. Wash thoroughly immediately after any contact with eyes or skin. Please read Technical data sheet before use.



Pure acrylic, graphite, water, carbon black, additives, preservative.


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