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Esmog Spion EMF Detector



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Esmog Spion -  an "everything receiver" for Electromagnetic Pollution!

This new device is designed as a low cost version, in order to give a possibility to as many people as possible to get aware which electrosmog interfering fields are surrounding us.

Like its predecessors (Hell Receiver, Esmog Handy and HF Digitmeter) this device is based on a broadband linear receiver, which makes the locally dominating RF signals and after changeover, the AF Signals (electrical AC fields) audible and shows their intensity via a 10 steps LED chain.

By nature humans don't have any senses in order to detect this kind of environmental pollution to be harmful for their bodies. Body mostly reacts much later with various symptoms, depending on the bodily and sanitary condition of the concerned person.

Use Esmog Spion for control...

  • - of your domestic electrical installation and of your electrical equipment

  • - of technical equipment before you buy it

  • - of the menace from outside - microwaves and more...

  • - for investigation of realities, i.e. dying forest syndrome

  • - for checking RF and AF shielding measures

  • - and, if ever possible, for detecting of natural radiation (sferics)


Also in industry use of Esmog Spion is an advantage, because it makes audible technical interference sources in AF and RF range in an inexpensive and quick way and without any considerable instrument equipment (i.e. spectrum analyser, special antennas and trained personnel). This is extremely useful for troubleshooting, either for checking machines and equipment, if they are sensitive to EMC signals or if they produce EMC interferences, themselves.

Technical data:
Receiver principle: Broadbanded linear receiver, amplitude modulation resosum and 
peak value measuring with audio 3D performance.
Frequency range: 0 Hz – 3 GHz
Signal sensitivity RF:  ca. 3 µV, linearly, electromagnetic fields
Signal sensitivity AF:  below 1 µV signal detection of electrical alternating fields
(1 Hz – 80 kHz)
Relative intensity display: 10 steps LED chain 1,000 – 10,000 mV sum noise voltage 
(plus x 3  via attenuation button).
Display in power density (RF):  10 – 1,000 µW/m² and  
for electrical alternating fields  (AF): 10 – 1,000 V/m

AF field strength display also via the LED chain.

Natural micro weather observations are possible


Acoustic:    Built- in speaker 50 Ohms,  0,2 – 8 kHz,

Output for headphones, recorders or other evaluation equipment ,

i.e.  (audio) spectrum analysers


Receptors (Antennas, supplied together with the device):

1 internal microwave antenna (works without external plugged- in antennas), further antennas, to be connected via  plug in contacts:

1 external microwave antenna 40 x 1mm,

1 built- in telescopic antanna, pluggable, for radio wave diagnosis

1 very short contacting antenna


Power supply:  9 V alkaline battery for ca. 2 h performance,  or optional rechargeable battery (special accessories)

Current consumption:  between 40 and 80 mA, depending on the speaker volume

Operation indicator:   red LED, extinguishes at low battery


Weight: ca. 200g

Size:  145 x 76 x 30 mm³ (LxWxH)


Special accessories:

  • Accu set A: 1 European plug charger with 2 charging shafts plus 2 pieces 9V- accus 150mAh (Varta)

  • Accu set B: 1 European plug charger with 2 charging shafts plus 4 pieces 9V- accus 150mAh (Varta) (recommended for frequent use)

  • Stand- by bag

  • Audio cassette sound examples for identifying the heard interfering signals (only available with German comments)

  • Special headphones for most sensitive diagnostics


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