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CORNET® EMF Meter ED-88T Plus



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CORNET Microsystem Inc ED-88Plus EMF Meter with Data Logging

This simple EMF meter is easy to use for quick measurement of HF (High Frequency), LF (Low frequency) radiation and Magnetic Field. Shows frequency and signal level.

- Tri-mode :

- RF field strength, LF Gauss meter, and LF Electric field meter
- Build-in Frequency display (100MHz-2.7Ghz)
- Ultra fast frequency counting of on air digital RF
  burst signals from GSM, DECT, Wifi, Bluetooth,
  3G/4G and wireless devices. capture very short 
  bursts down to 100usec.

- Super wide bandwidth (100MHz-8GHz)

-RF field strength power measurement
-Build-in Antenna
-WiMAX, GSM, EMF, WiFi, AC smart meter radiation,
 3G/4G phone, DECT, CDMA, mobile base station.

Download ED88TPlus manual

Download ED88TPlus Data Logging user guide


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