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HF+LF Field Analyser FA730 Zoom

HF+LF Field Analyser FA730



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Envionic FA730 High Frequency and Low-Frequency Analyser

This device has a big RF frequency range of 300 MHz up to 6 GHz (when a suitable antenna is used). For the RF field, not only the strength but also its frequency can be measured (see manual).

The graphic LCD screen shows the strength of the RF field, and also shows the strength of the signal as a function of frequency in a graph.

It can also show the pulses of pulsed RF radiation on the screen, and you can listen to these pulses through the built-in speaker.

The FA730 can also measure low frequency (electric and magnetic) fields. The low frequency fields are also audible on the speaker, and their waveform is visible on the screen.

Please note: this item is supplied without a case. To order a case please click here.

The delivery includes LogPer antenna (for 700 to 6000 MHz).

If you want an optional charger for the NiMH rechargeable batteries, please click here.


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