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HF Meter Set HFW59D Plus Zoom

HF Meter Set HFW59D Plus



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Gigahertz Solutions HF Meter Set 2.4 - 10.0 GHz

Fully compensated up to 10 GHz, incl. HF amplifier and omnidirectional antenna.

Opens up the well-proven common advantages of the broadband measurement technology of Gigahertz Solutions for this frequency range. Bundle with the frequently ordered preamplifier and the new omnidirectional antenna UBB2410 at a reduced price.

Measures reliably, also within the higher radar frequency (air traffic control, marine, military, weather, traffic supervision):

  • FULL 10 GHz.
  • Maximum video band width for the demonstration of the shortest radar pulses (< 0.5 µs).
  • Optimized Peak Hold function (patent no. DE 103 34 886).
  • HV20_2400G10 included for maximum sensitivity within the full frequency range: 0.01 mW/m² display resolution for measurements of weakest WLAN signals.
  • Includes an especially shielded log-per antenna with excellent directional characteristics.
  • Integrated steep high pass filter at 2.4 GHz reliably suppresses the often dominant GSM and DECT frequencies.
  • In addition it comprises the 360° omnidirectional antenna UBB2410, fundamental for long-term measurement recordings, especially helpful for the identification of radar signals with an unknown location of the transmitter.
  • Calibrated AC measurement output for the demodulated signal, scalable DC output.
  • The meter is especially designed for peak measurements of modulated signals ("pulse" mode).


Technical data:

Frequency range:

2.4 - 10.0 GHz

Measurement range:

Power flux density: 0.01 - 19,990 µW/m² (with preamplifier HV20_2400G10 supplied with the meter)


Basic accuracy (CW) including linearity tolerance: +/- 4.5 dB Zero offset and rollover +/- 5 digits


Patented, compensated LogPer antenna with excellent directionality

Audio analysis:

Identification of pulsed radiation sources (WLAN, WiFi, air-traffic control radar, etc.).

Signal rating:

Display of peak value as well as average value (switchable), and "Peak Hold" for the modulated signal portion.

Signal outputs:

AC (demodulated signal, calibrated) and scalable DC output.

Power supply:

9.6 Volt high performance NiMH battery pack (included), average operation time 7 - 8 hours. Low-Batt. indication, auto-power-off function (to save capacity - deactivated for longterm measurements). Power supply unit included.



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