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As CEO of EMF Clothing and Shielding, I often hear stories from people whose health is adversely affected by EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) pollution. Many develop a more severe adverse effect called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity — a condition, which is also known as Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome and reportedly affects around 4% of the population.

Not only do we design and manufacture EMF Clothing and Shielding products, but I happen to suffer personally from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity too. So, my interest as a long-term manufacturer of EMF Shielding products is more than just business interest.

In 2019 I held a seminar in the U.K., where I presented the EMF Shielding solutions for those who are suffering adverse health effects from over-exposure to EMF radiation. There were many medical professionals present from around the world, along with members of the public searching for knowledge about how to prevent EMF radiation from affecting our bodies.

It was at this gathering that I had the privilege of meeting Bruno Berrick, a family man in his 40s whose health, life, and the lives of his much-loved family, had suffered dramatically in recent years due to a mystery illness that had baffled doctors and medical specialists. He explained with great enthusiasm that as he listened to my presentation, he had an epiphany. He further explained that when I had spoken about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, it was as if I was talking about him. He related to just about everything I was presenting.

Finally, Mr. Berrick felt he had found the answers he'd been searching for, for many years. He was keen to know more and find long-term solutions to help control his condition, enabling him and his family to lead, as much as possible, a normal life again, and I happily agreed to help.


I hear many stories from people who suffer adverse medical conditions due to over-exposure from EMF radiation, but Mr. Berricks's story particularly touched me. I listened with great interest to his harrowing account. I want to share a part of his story with you today for the sake of informing others about the devastating effects EMF Radiation radiation can have on us all.

Bruno Berrick believes he came to near death when, five years ago, he suddenly and inexplicably lost around five stones (almost 70 pounds) in weight in just a few short months.

Bruno explained to me that he had been a regular, hard-working man— a successful builder who also trained greyhounds for a living. He was a fit, outdoors type who loved life, but his idyllic lifestyle changed forever when he began to feel severely unwell with acute fatigue coupled with extreme weight loss.

Bruno also told me how he went down the usual medical investigation route, but nothing was found to explain his worsening condition. His symptoms and extreme weight loss and fatigue included popping and clicking sounds inside his head and burning sensations on his face. Being close to most anything electrical would cause him almost to pass out.

Determined to get to the bottom of what was causing his health's rapid decline, he embarked on a journey of discovery which took him, not only across the U.K. but also to countries such as Germany and the USA, costing him a small fortune and almost everything he had. He even went to medical experts on Harley Street, London, but it remained a mystery to all.

Eventually, after exhaustive tests, Bruno was somewhat relieved when a laboratory in Kansas, USA, detected that he had been poisoned with pesticides (probably sprayed on fields next to his home). A last, he finally had an answer of sorts. The chemical poisoning had left him with a critically weakened immune system, to the point of it being practically non-existent.

But it turned out not to be the whole story. Bruno further explained how he had spent many months bed-bound with chronic fatigue and would get one infection after another, leaving him exhausted and barely functioning. He deteriorated physically to a mere shadow of his former self and had become, as he best describes, "Like a bag of bones."

He also experienced many other symptoms, each of which would take him down, including agonizing headaches, nerve pain, memory loss, vertigo, aching joints, nerve pain, dizziness, depression, and mood swings. His life was miserable.


His ongoing condition made him more determined than ever to find the answers to his mounting questions.

While Bruno understood the effects chemical poisoning had on his immune system, it didn't explain why he was experiencing burning sensations to his face when he was outdoors, or the clicking and popping sound inside his head when he was close to anything electrical, or the ever-increasing list of all the other symptoms. It was all very bizarre.

Like most people, Bruno and his family had the internet and the usual devices fed via wi-fi, i.e., mobile phones, a smart T.V., laps tops, etc. They had all the everyday domestic electrical items: washing machine, microwave, gadgets, etc. Of course, he had no idea at the time that it was their very proximity and use that was causing him to feel so ill. He also discovered that anything powered by electricity caused his health to deteriorate rapidly. But why? It was a puzzle Bruno and his family was determined to solve.

I told Bruno I believed that it was the Electromagnetic Fields that were causing his ill-health. The only way to get better was to change his location, lifestyle, and get entirely protected from EMF radiation with the utmost urgency. I sent him one of our EMF meters to measure the EMF radiation in his home. He checked the entire house and was shocked to see just how intense the signal was due to a mast very close to his home and also neighborhood Wi-Fi and a Smartmeter.


On realizing his situation's gravity, Mr. Berrick wasted no time. He gathered his family and a few belongings and left to live in the countryside in a caravan. "Anything was better than living next to that mast with my family," he said. Pretty soon, he was able to feel more confident in his new surroundings, thanks to the EMF meter we had sent him. He began to feel better healthwise too. 

Within a few months, Bruno gained a fair amount of weight and was more active than he'd been for years. Life was looking up, and it was time to get back to living in a house. There was no way he could return to his former family home, so the family moved back into a house in a safer location. On my advice, Bruno took the step of painting his entire home with another of our other products — 5G Shielding Paint EMF-Turtal 2.5L - Powder, specially designed to block out radiofrequency radiation including 5G. The results were spectacular.


Although Bruno and his family need to keep their use of electricity to an absolute bare necessity (even the use of electric lighting is detrimental to his well-being), he now enjoys better health, has put on over a stone and a half (20 pounds) and, with lifted spirits, is much more like his old self. He feels confident that his home is now shielded from EMF pollution (the meter readings now are practically zero inside his home) thanks to our specially formulated Shielding paint.

Bruno's story is all too common, and I couldn't be happier that fate brought us together, and I was able to make a positive difference in his and his family's lives. I wish him continued better health and a bright future.

If you relate to Bruno's story and are concerned for you and your family's exposure to EMF Radiation, please check out my company's website to find Shielding solutions to suit you — including our specially designed range of popular sport and leisure clothing, plus accessories.

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Sincere regards,

Geoff Simmonds MSc

Founder and CEO of EMF Clothing and Shielding