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Radiation Free Air-Tube Headset Sport Version


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Electromagnetic Radiaton (EMR, EMF) Free Air-Tube Headset - Airobic

Mobile phone radiation protection Air-tubes Airobic Sport

This radiation free air-tubes headset Airobic prevents 98% of your mobile phone or smartphone EMF radiation emission from reaching your head. It has a built-in microphone and mute button, you can use this air tube headset for phone calls or listen to music.

FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven.

The sound conduct hollow air tubes are made of premium quality silicon without electric wires and use only sound waves.

Comes with changeable earbuds in S, M, and L sizes. Automatically shaping to your ear profile they are comfortable even during vigorous exercise.

Stereoacoustic headphone technology produces high quality wide-range sound with a signal ratio of 95dB.


Mobile phone radiation protection - Air Tubes Sport Version


Compatible with most mobile phones, smartphones, iPads, tablet PCs, computers and Mp3 players that have a 3.5mm connector.


Technical specifications:

Sensitivity: 110±3Db SPL/3Mw/5cm at 1KHz
Frequency Range: 20 Hz—20 KHz
Resistance: 16Ohm ± 15%
Rated Power: 3mW
Capacity: 5mW
Lead wire length: 75cm – 100cm


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